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Stepping Stones Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

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Fall Sessions have been Postponed.

Because of Covid-19, fall sessions starting the week of September 7th will be rescheduled. We will keep you updated through Social Media and our Website for the next sessions. We will see you soon.

Purpose: (as stated in our By-Laws)

This Corporation shall seek to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities, and their families, through equine activities, and other events and projects, designed to facilitate their overall physical, emotional, and social development.

Mission Statement: (Adopted 2010)

Our equine partners and we strive to enhance the lives of children and adults with physical, mental, and / or emotional disabilities, through horseback riding and other equine activities, in a quality and safe environment.

We are dedicated to developing and maintaining relationships with individuals, local, state, and national organizations, sharing our goals and vision.

We recognize an extra financial burden may be associated with people with a disability. We continue to seek funding opportunities to lessen these burdens while ensuring financial stability for our programs.

Vision Statement: (Adopted 2010)

To nurture growth through the power and love of the horse.


Ken Pelland


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Shannon Grosshans

Administrative Assistant & Rider Coordinator

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Kenneth Pelland - President

Diane Slatinsky - Treasurer

Jim Bieszki - Director

Linda Chamberlin - Director

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